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5 best toothproducts
The British Newspaper Daily Mail had an article about "5 best toothproducts" in their issue 2nd Jan this year. Dr. Barman's Superbrush was one of the 5 products. Click here to read more in the webversion of the article.

A new study has revealed that Dr. Barman’s Superbrush (Regular size) is very effective in improving tooth and gingival health in patients with orthodontic fixed appliances. Please see more details ( Clinical studies ).

The Journal SWISS DENT, Feb. 2005 includes a comprehensive interview with Dr. Rolf Barman.  The article provides an excellent explanation of the Superbrush concept with details of the astonishing results from recent clinical studies.  Offprints are awailable on request.

Daily toothbrushing in kindergartens is 
gradually becoming widespread inNorway.  An increasing number of kindergartens are using Dr. Barman's Superbrush in  their daily routine.  The kindergartens naturally combine toothbrushing with focus on diet and all report about positive effects among the children.  They also happily report that the children have become more enthusiastic about toothbrushing at home.  Please see for more information.

Since introduction of our new brandname "Dr. Barman's" in Norway, we have doubled the sales of Dr. Barman's Superbrush.

An increasing number of people find that Dr. Barman's Superbrush makes toothbrushing easier both for children and adults. As the toothbrush hugs the teeth, it is easy, even for children, to clean all 3 sides of the teeth equally well. Many also see the advantage of better cleaning along the gumline and better effect from the time spent on brushing.

German scientists have found that Superbrush is far more effective than conventional toothbrushes when children brush their teeth on their own.

See clinical studies.

The results of this test confirm earlier findings in clinical trials conducted at universities and municipal dental clinics in Europe and Asia.

Dentaco cooperates with Zendium in helping the kindergartens get started and have launched a website with all necessary information. Please see (in norwegian).

The Norwegian Ministry of Health announced in a pressrelease 6th of October, that they recommend toothbrushing in kindergartens as a way to improve dental health among the young children.


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